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Once upon a time, the deep water Port of Squamish was a merely a pitstop between Vancouver and Whistler, where weary travelers got off steamships and onto horseback. No longer. Squamish is now a strong, booming, adventurous town in its own right, offering a wide range of exceptional real estate opportunities.

Where the sea meets the sky, Squamish throws down a measured blend of seaside culture mixed with a mountain vibe. Over the last decade, it's gone through one heck of a growth spurt.

The real estate market in Squamish has grown right along with its population, which has surpassed 20,000 residents. From single family homes, to duplexs, to town houses, and to mixed use condos with ocean views, there are many great opportunities for real estate investment in Squamish and lots of room to grow.


Would you like to see what is available in Squamish? If so, email me today.

Squamish Neighborhood Map.jpg

Squamish Neighborhoods

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