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Americans Buying
Real Estate in Whistler

Whistler is exempt from the national Canadian ban on foreign buyers, so it's never been a better time to enter the Whistler real estate market.


Americans are an important part of Whistler’s history and continue to play a vital role in its future.

The time to buy real estate in Whistler, BC has never been better for American citizens. The US dollar continues to be strong, so American funds go further north of the border when it converts into Canadian dollars. 

As a dual citizen—who was born in Arizona—Gina understands American sensibilities, as well as the nuanced differences between purchasing real estate in the United States versus here in Canada. She is knowledgeable and well-connected with experts in the critical areas of international finance, legal and US/Canada accounting, so you can pursue your Whistler dreams with ease and confidence north of the border.


Opportunities to break into the Whistler real estate market are abundant—from the first time international buyer, to the savvy investor, to everything in between. 


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