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Like the rest of Canada, Whistler is ultra progressive and embraces all who pass through the Village gates—no matter where you’re from or who you love.

Utopian at heart, Whistler welcomes everyone, just like Gina does. A big-hearted soul, Gina enjoys working with clients from all backgrounds, including her LGBTQ community. 

Not only does Whistler welcome LGBTQs, but it celebrates love with one of the biggest weeks of the year: Whistler Pride & Ski Festival—a week of gaiety, 7 days of snowy fun and celebrations, a high point during the winter season for locals and visitors alike. Rainbow flags are unfurled all over town and can be found hanging from every light pole and business door jamb. 

In addition to being a real estate agent, Gina—in a parallel universe—was, for over a decade, a contributing editor and columnist in Curve Magazine.  


She is a proud member of RealPride.

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