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Known around town as "Pemberdise," Pemberton is an alluring, bucolic community rooted in farm culture and home to award-winning seed potatoes—and so much more. 

Just a 20 minute drive from Whistler, Pemberton is known for its mild winters, its sizzling summers, and for being a true showcase of sustainable farming.

Within the Pemberton Valley, there is a constellation of over 20 farms. The soil is rich and so are the hearts of its residents, many of whom work in agriculture or in Whistler. 

Pemberton Village—where residents go for groceries, a beer, or to pick up some horse feed—is small. There is a single stoplight. The community garden is one of the centerpieces of town. Along the roads, you’ll pass farm stands and riders on horseback.

Within the Pemberton Valley and District, which also includes D’Arcy, Birken and the town of Mount Currie, Pemberton is the hub of activity.  And it’s absolutely beautiful!


From nearly any point in the valley, the majestic Mount Currie can be seen—this beacon of towering beauty is the backdrop for almost any piece of real estate in the area. Whether you’re admiring it from one of the many sustainable farms (big and small), a townhouse perched above town, or a single-family  home within walking distance to its little village—they all pay homage to the Mount Currie.

Pemberton's quality of life is off the charts and a wonderful place to call home, or own that farm of which you’ve always dreamed, where you can give your green thumb a run for its money.

Be sure to check out Pemberton Valley today!

Pemberton Neighborhoods

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