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Manifesting a Dream


Gina has extensive experience in development, which includes the design and construction of her former waterfront home in Whistler. 


The west coast contemporary home runs along 91 feet of lake shore and its proximity to the water was front of mind during the design conception and refinement.


Waterfront considerations included: lake view corridors, riparian management, backyard landscape design, shoreline protection, dock design and construction, including the details involved in morphing the dock into a party barge, which can be detached from gangway and motored around the lake. All very important details related to waterfront real estate.

During the permitting phase, Gina helped spearhead the variance process at the local municipality, which was a necessary component in the permitting approval and dictated by the environmental team assembled to protect the shoreline through the Ministry of the Environment.

She was also intimately involved in her home's construction. Working closely with a local project manager, Gina helped coordinate—among other things—site preparation and tree clearing, budgeting, paying and coordinating trades, kitchen/bathroom design, electrical design, lighting design, and carpentry finishing.

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