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Whistler Summer Over the Years

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

A lot has changed since Whistler was incorporated in 1975, but there's one thing that hasn't: the love of our lakes. When the sun is out, it attracts locals and tourists like moths to a flame. On summer days, you will find droves of people along the shorelines or in the water sunbathing and partaking all the wonderful things lake life offers.

In Whistler, there are five lakes to enjoy. Alpha Lake, Nita Lake, Alta Lake & Green Lake are in the valley, while Lost Lake is in the Benchlands on Blackcomb. All of them offer great opportunities to cool off and connect with the water. (Pro Tip: Lost Lake has a nudie dock where clothing is optional. 🤪 )

Paddleboarding, sailing, and fishing are as popular as ever, but not all of these summer activities are new around here. Check out the flashback photos below, beside recent snaps on the same bodies of water.

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