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Spreadin' the Love 💕

In honor of Valentines Day, I’m sharing a little love...

Flashback to summertime: The sun ☀️ was shining, our besties were in town from Portland, Oregon, and we hit the village with our arms wide open 🤗. Free hugs for anyone and everyone. What happened was extraordinary.

It left our hearts ablaze and drenched in positive juju. ✨ The love high has been ever-present since that day, especially when I rewatch the video. It goes right to that soft spot in my heart, tenderized from this incredible human experience.

My biggest takeaway from that day: people just want permission to connect with one another, to feel accepted, to feel and show love. A sign was all it took. An invitation. Permission. It was simply amazing how many strangers opened their arms and hearts. It blew us all away. There were tears, there was joy, there were kisses on the lips from strangers. It was breathtaking and beautiful. 🙏🏻💌

I think it might be time to give out some more FREE HUGS in Whistler soon! 😻

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